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European Games volunteers leave with souvenirs and lifelong memories
In the 2023 European Games, a remarkable assembly of passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds and nations came together to contribute their time and skills as volunteers. The event benefited from the collective enthusiasm and dedication of over 8,000 volunteers, each playing a vital role in creating an unforgettable experience for athletes, officials, and spectators.

The European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023 were an outstanding sporting event that captured the attention of thousands of volunteers ready to support the organisation and create an unique atmosphere. Each individual received outfits and gadgets that set these highly committed individuals apart from the crowd.

Volunteers were distributed of a complete volunteer outfit, ensuring not only a uniform look but also comfort when working in various conditions. The outfit lineup included two T-shirts, a smart polo shirt, and a sweatshirt, offering the perfect options for both warm and cooler days. Volunteers could choose between trousers or shorts, depending on their preferences and the current weather. Additionally, a special cap and a workpack provided them with necessary protection.

However, equipping the volunteers was not limited to outfits. Organisers also took great care to provide practical gadgets that were not only useful in their daily work but also served as souvenirs of their participation in these Games. Everyone received backpacks, water bottles, a buffalo pouch, and shades, which made their tasks easier and contributed to their comfort during the long days. In this technological age, a power bank has become an integral part of everyday life and was included in the volunteers’ equipment, ensuring smartphones or tablets stayed powered up during long, active days. A fan, notepad, antibacterial gel, and SPF cream also found their place in the gadget kit.

At the conclusion of the Games, organisers expressed gratitude to the volunteers for their valuable contribution by presenting them with ceramic mugs and Bluetooth speakers – souvenirs that will remind them of the extraordinary moments experienced during the games. Additionally, those who acted as leaders received even more exclusive thanks, in the form of thermal mugs and towels, in recognition of their commitment and leadership.

The Krakow-Malopolska 2023 European Games are not only about sporting excitement and competition but also offer a unique opportunity to meet new people, get professional experience, live a unique experience and get involved in the organisation of such a large scale event.

The European Games volunteering program is supported by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ program.