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the club – how does it work?

The Volunteer Programme at Sport Europe offers an excellent opportunity for individuals passionate about sports, teamwork, and creating memorable experiences. Our volunteers are the heartbeat of every event, contributing their skills, enthusiasm, and dedication to ensure the Games run smoothly.

There is room for all skills in the Volunteer Programme, given its wide range of activities. The main roles of volunteers include providing fans with necessary information, extending warm welcomes at welcome desks in hotels and airports, assisting fans with disabilities, ensuring competitions run smoothly within sports zones, and providing support to organisers in tasks such as distributing accreditation, media support, logistics, and aiding athletes, referees, and national teams.

How can you join?

Joining is easy! Click ‘Join’ in the top right-hand corner of this page, fill out your details, and click confirm. Soon after, you’ll receive a verification email with a link to complete the process.

What missions await our volunteers?

Volunteers undertake a range of different missions, all focused on one goal: guaranteeing an exceptional experience for everyone involved in the Games.

Areas of volunteering:

● Accreditations: Manage and facilitate access for authorised personnel, athletes, and staff.
● Anti-doping: Ensure fair play and integrity by supporting anti-doping measures and procedures.
● Ceremonies: Contribute to the planning and execution of captivating opening and closing ceremonies.
● VIP & Hospitality: Provide exceptional service to distinguished guests and VIPs attending the Games.
● Logistics: Support the coordination and smooth operation of various logistical aspects of the event.
● Marketing: Assist in promoting the Games and engaging audiences through marketing strategies.
● Mascot: Engage and entertain spectators through activities involving the Games’ mascot.
● Media: Aid in media relations, content creation, and communication during the event.
● NOC Assistant: Provide assistance to National Olympic Committees (NOCs) participating in the Games.
● Medical Patrols: Contribute to ensuring the well-being and safety of participants through medical support.
● Sports Presentations: Assist in the presentation and coordination of sports events and ceremonies.
● Promotion: Support promotional activities and outreach efforts to increase the event’s visibility.
● Ticketing: Assist with ticket sales, distribution, and management during the Games.
● Transport: Help manage and coordinate transportation logistics for athletes, officials, and guests.
● Venue Assistant: Contribute to the smooth operation of specific sporting venues during the Games.
● Volunteer Centre: Support the coordination and management of the volunteer team.
● Welcome Desk: Provide a warm welcome and essential information to visitors and participants.
● Information Volunteering: Assist in providing information and guidance to attendees and participants.
● Sport Disciplines: Assist in the specific management and execution of various sporting events.
● Special Tasks: Contribute to unique or specific tasks crucial to the success of the Games.
● Catering Operation: Support the planning and execution of food and beverage services during the event