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EYOF Bakuriani 2025 on the largest sport event “SPORTFEST”

On June 15-16th of the current year the largest sports’ event “SPORTFEST” was held at Expo Georgia, Tbilisi, where EYOF Bakuriani 2025 was impressively and effectively represented with the branded space. During these two days thousands of people visited our zone.

In order to clearly promote “Bakuriani 2025” and fully experience winter sports we had an amazing decoration of mountains and photo zone with comfortable chairlift, resting space with poufs, fun activities and of course mascot “GUNDA” created cheerful and pleasant environment. Our guests had a wonderful time while playing different games. The winners were gifted colourful branded t-shirts, backpacks, caps, wristbands, stickers, pins and flags. Bakuriani 2025 treated visitors with “Coca-cola”.

As the registration for the volunteers is available from April 1st , on Sportfest every interested visitor learned more information about volunteering at the festival and decided to participate in this unforgettable journey. Registration for volunteers is open on the following link.

Independence day of Georgia

Independence day of Georgia is an annual public holiday which is celebrated on May 26th by the Georgian people all over the whole country. As the festival will be one of the most significant event and valuable legacy for Georgia, on this day at Rustaveli ave. EYOF Bakuriani 2025 created interactive, interesting and fun zone for the visitors.

Guests had an opportunity to take part in fun and informational raffle about Georgia, Bakuriani, EYOF, winter sports and etc. The winners were gifted different branded materials from EYOF Bakuriani 2025. The Visitors were excited seeing and taking photos with the mascot “GUNDA” enjoying good times with him.

Besides the promotion of the festival our team provided visitors with the specific information and benefits about Volunteering which you can see on the following link. Guests aged 18 years and more were available to make the registration in the rows of Volunteers.

Registration for Volunteering is available now!

Volunteers Needed for EYOF 2025 in Bakuriani, Batumi and Tbilisi: Join Us for an Unforgettable Experience!

We are excited to announce that volunteer registration for the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) 2025 is now open! This is your chance to be part of an extraordinary event that brings together the best young athletes from across Europe.

Why Volunteer for EYOF Bakuriani 2025?

Volunteering at the EYOF 2025 in Bakuriani offers the opportunity to be at the heart of the action, meet new people, gain valuable experience, and create lasting memories. We are seeking 800 enthusiastic volunteers to help make this festival a success.

We have a variety of Departments to suit different skills and interests.
Departments For Volunteering:

  • Marketing and PR Department
  • NOC Department
  • Department of VIP Control and Government Services
  • Sports Department
  • IT & Accreditation Department
  • Catering, Transportation , Accommodation and Arrival / Departure Department
  • Infrastructure Department
  • Medical Department
  • Security Department
  • Doping Control

Who Can Apply?

–  Official EYOF Bakuriani 2025 Uniforms
–  Comprehensive Training and Support
– Meals and Refreshments During Shifts
– Volunteer Certificate
– Unforgettable Memories and New Friendships
–  And Many Other Gifts

How to Apply:
Ready to join us? Register now on our official website and complete the application form, indicating your preferred role and availability. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so apply today on the following link.

Be Part of Something Special!
The EYOF 2025 in Bakuriani promises to be a spectacular event. By volunteering, you’ll help create an unforgettable experience for young athletes and spectators. Don’t miss this chance to be part of something truly special.

Let’s Make EYOF Bakuriani 2025 a Festival to Remember!

EYOF Bakuriani 2025 Mascot Reveal and Official Anthem presentation

On February 28th Mascot reveal and Official Anthem presentation was held in Bakuriani. Eyof 2025 created a pleasant and vibrant environment with the general sponsor „Coca-cola“. The sponsor treated guests with delicious drinks and also visitors had opportunity to taste various Georgian food. Especially for this day both teams of Coca-cola and OC created fun activities and beautiful photo zones for the guests. Attendants were gifted EYOF Bakuriani 2025 branded gifts and souveniers.

We’re glad special guests from CoComm attended this important event. EOC Executive Committee Member and Chair of the EYOF Commission Member Liney Halldorsdottir and Chair of the Bakuriani 2025 CoComm Florin Misca were present at the unveiling.

Appearance of the official mascot of EYOF Bakuriani 2025 -„GUNDA“ was the most exciting moment during the event. Everyone enjoyed dancing, taking photos and hugging „Gunda“.

Meet „GUNDA“:

The name ‘Gunda’ means ‘snowball’ in Georgian, perfectly capturing the Caucasus Mountains’ snowy essence.

Gunda, the majestic Caucasian lynx, calls these high mountains home. Here, the air is crisp, and the snow is deep. Coincidentally, this year, the EYOF is happening right in his neighborhood.

Its remarkable ability to glide gracefully through the snow and its piercing gaze symbolize the very qualities that young Olympians rely on strength, determination, and precision. Those are the characteristics that Young Olympians rely on. Gunda is here to inspire and remind them that they can conquer their snowy challenges just like him.

But there’s more to Gunda than meets the eye. Its name is also tied to the snowball game, a team activity that promotes unity and friendship among youth from various countries and cultures.

Gunda embodies the spirit of youth and unity. Just like a snowball made from the purest snow, our team wants everyone to remember that, in the world of sports, the most important thing is to remember to have fun and enjoy the adventure alongside your fellow athletes.

In the central park of Bakuriani The night show band delivered a performance of „SHINE“ – official anthem of the festival, which excited every guest at the event. They also performed people’s favourite songs and held a great live concert. After the performance DJ continued to take care on attendants’ mood.

During the mascot reveal and official anthem presentation, the chairman of OC, Mr. Mamuka Khabareli remarked this significant milestone. He also provided guests with the information about EYOF Bakuriani 2025 and the preparation of the festival. EOC EYOF Commission Chair Ms Halldorsdottir said: “It has been fantastic to visit Bakuriani to see both the preparations that are ongoing and to feel the enthusiasm from Georgians, who are excited to host our Winter EYOF.

Members of the Georgian Coordination Commission of the EYOF

The Organising Committee of the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival hosted the members of the Coordination Commission of the Festival. The chairperson of the Organising committee of the Bakuriani 2025 Festival, along with other members of the committee, presented their European guests with a comprehensive report regarding the already implemented work and future plans. Members of the Coordination Commission received all-encompassing information concerning both the planned infrastructure projects, as well as other dimensions such as technical aspects and marketing.

Within the framework of the official meetings members of the committee also provided the guests with comprehensive information about the Bakuriani 2025 Festival as a new brand. Representatives of the Coordination Commission received a completely novel brandbook, which had been in the making for the duration of 5 months.